President of the World Trade Center
Basilicata, Italy

Expert in economic analysis and planning on the territorial and sectoral level of EU and developing countries. Expert in management and control systems analysis related to actions co-financed by EU structural funds. Administration, management and strategic planning of international development projects for
SMEs, in connection with the 330 seats of the World Trade Center


Patricia HAJALI

Senior Board Advisor

Global leader in market negotiations and strategic planning.
She has over 25 years’ experience in business and has held diplomatic and governmental positions.
Worked closely with many Presidents, Ministers and high level government officials from many different countries.
Highly experienced in branding and marketing.
Since living in Dubai she has been a leading negotiator in multi bi-lateral international agreements and is an experienced international Consultant in the Middle East, Europe and Latin-America. Her commercial and diplomatic experience position her into a perfect balance with which effective and tangible results are easily achieved.



International Partner

Mr. Sultan is an Emirati business man and CEO of the Al Nokhba Group with over 25 companies with in the industries of petrol and oil, general trading, clean energy, transportation real estate, investment, construction, banking products and others.




Bruce LI

Middle East Consultant

Mr Bruce Li has lived in Dubai for over 7 years and has 20 years of
experience in business management and development.
Experienced in attraction of Investments, Protocol, Commercial International trading, Public Relations and High International Networking.



Elisabetta VENETUCCI


Elisabetta manage the secretary of WTC Basilicata.



Maison Stephen Francis LEE

Administrative Assistant



Administrative Translator Assistant



Design & Communication

Open minded and willing to move and travel abroad, professional designer with tons of projects.
Sector: Advertisign, Social Media Marketing, Web Design.